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Privacy Policy


We are dedicated to the privacy of our users. It is therefore important to inform you what information is collected every time you visit this website.


We may use cookies to generate unique user statistics or personalize the webpage to your needs.

A cookie is a small file sent to your computer from the web server when you visit the site. When you return to the site this information is accessed preventing you from reenter information you may have submitted (log in information, settings etc.) or prevent your visit from being counted as a unique hit if you have been here before.

Cookies are stored as a text file on your computer and are a string of letters and numbers. A cookie can only be stored if cookies are enabled in your web browser.


Submitted information
Any information submitted to us when adding or editing a feature, that is not intended to be displayed on the website, is stored for internal use only. We will never attempt to sell or share your contact details with affiliates or third parties. Your email address is kept for internal use only unless otherwise is specified.


External links
We hold no responsibility for the content or privacy on sites linked to from Centex Helicopter Training. We will however do our best to keep sites that are in direct violation of your privacy, or contains offensive content away from our directories. Please contact us about any sites you deem inappropriate.


Sponsors and paid ads
Some information may be paid for and is the words and opinion of the sponsor.

Notification of Changes
This privacy statement will be kept up to date at any time, and changes will be posted to this privacy statement.


Conflict Resolution
We are committed to resolving disputes as soon as possible. If any problems arise please contact us by using the contact link in the top left corner of this page.